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I don’t usually post about my day job here (or at least not about the inner workings of the McGarr Solicitors office) but I did want to say something about the launch of Personal Injury this week.

You can read E. McGarr’s take on it on the McGarr Solicitors blog post The Colour Supplement.

This is a bit of a departure for us, and something of a novelty in the world of solicitors’ websites, in that we have created an entire site which is not primarily focused on talking about our firm but rather is attempting to put ourselves in the shoes of the injured party and to answer their questions. We’ve also tried to highlight some of the most important things that they might not be aware of.

I should say that we were greatly helped by our forbearing designer Sabrina Dent as we struggled to imagine what questions would be most to the forefront of our visitors minds. It is difficult, when you are in a profession, to remember that many people will not have knowledge of lots of the things you take for granted. Sabrina regularly pointed out issues to address which we might have overlooked.

The prompt for this post, other than to get the old google juice flowing of course, was a phone call I took from a man yesterday. He was calling on behalf of his brother, who had been very seriously injured as a result of an acknowledged incident of medical negligence. It was now four years since the incident has occurred and he was only now able to try to address the question of compensation.

I was sorry to have to tell him, after making the necessary inquiries of him, that the law allowed only two years to make a claim for personal injury, regardless of the seriousness of that injury. From the facts he gave, his brother was now statute barred from seeking any compensation, even though, as he told me, he would suffer from the after effects of that injury for the rest of his life.

Good information, quickly and understandably delivered is vital for people who have suffered an injury to understand what their rights and their obligations are. Hopefully will help people to get that information a little more easily.


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