Your Country, Your Call: Follow-up with SIPO

Re: Ongoing examination of An Smaoineamh Mór Ltd under the Electoral Acts

Dear Sirs,

I write further to our previous correspondence on the above topic.

I note your confirmation that the Commissioners have had this issue brought to their attention.

I note also your confirmation, by letter dated the 8th September 2010 that The Standards in Public Office Commission wrote to An Smaoineamh Mór Ltd seeking additional information from the company. As I understand it from documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, this was by letter dated the 1st September 2010.

Can you confirm whether or not you have received a reply to that request? I would also be grateful if you would outline, if such a reply remains unforthcoming from a party with which the Standards in Public Office Commission is in correspondence, what is the procedure for ensuring the Electoral Acts are enforced?

Yours faithfully,

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