Free The News: RTE’s refusal of my FOI request re deal with NNI

As promised before I broke Tuppenceworth, here is a pdf of the letter from RTE refusing my FOI request for documents re their deal with the commercial members of the National Newspapers of Ireland to licence publicly-funded news footage to them, for free.

And, obviously, they continue to refuse to allow the pubic who paid for its creation to use the footage on the same terms.

RTE Refusal of FOI request re NNI video licencing deal

A request for an appeal will be submitted this week, with a request to waive the fee on the grounds that;

  • (a) decision was made within one day on basis of “making inquiries” with people and not on basis of reviewing documents etc;
  • (b) no schedule of documentation held was furnished.

With thanks to my Solicitors, Patrick G MacMahon & Co.

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