The RTE Aggregator Excitement: What would I say?

Today, a number of very well known and established fashion and beauty blogs recieved the email below from RTE.

XXXX from the RTÉ Fashion site here, I hope you’re well.

We are relaunching the RTÉ fashion site (
) in October with a whole new look, and as
part of the redesign we will be featuring Irish fashion and beauty blogs
in an aggregated feed.

This will be a great way to showcase the best of Irish online fashion and
beauty content. If you would be interested in being part of this feature
on the site, please email back and I can give you further details.

This will be a great way to give your blog more exposure and get your
content across to new readers!

All the best,


Chortle, obvs.

When RTE gets around to relaunching their site on, em, whatever it is Tuppenceworth is about and they send us out one of these exciting emails this will be my reply.

Dear Ms. XXXX

Thank you very much for your interest in Ireland’s best and least read blog,

Please can you outline what form of license RTE would like to discuss for the republication of our material? We are always happy to be flexible on fees and access.

Yours faithfully,



  • Kirstie says:

    this is the crux of it. It’s clearly been identified that Irish bloggers have content that’s a commodity that RTE Fashion feels it can use for gain for itself (more page impressions = more online ad spend) and so surely then it translates that there should be compensation to those who are actually creating said original, unique content. Why would you do all the work so someone else can profit? BAFF. ILL. ING.

  • Daragh O Brien says:

    Hello left hand, this is your right hand. We’re not going to tell you what we’re doing.

    That is how RTE seem to be rolling on content access and such like.

  • Simon McGarr says:

    My guess that this is similar to the brain error experienced by a BBC employee recently, who argued that because a thing (in that case photos, in this… well, everything) was available to the public that it was now “Public Domain” in the copyright sense of the phrase.

    Actual people with a clue in the BBC came out and rolled back on that one sharpish.

    RTE… em.

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