Noises Off

Contrary to appearances, I have been plugging away at a couple of different things this month.

Primarily, I have been involved in the campaign to stop the government bringing in a Statutory Instrument which would allow copyright holders (ie record labels) to block access to bits of the internet to Irish users. See the Campaign site and more particularly the news section giving updates on the campaign’s progress for more.

I’ve also been struggling to write a children’s story. No link for that, I’m afraid.

In addition, I’ve been having all the fun of the fair learning how to work some of the plumbing of our office blog and our website for people making Personal Injury claims. It mostly involves the laborious resizing of pictures, in case you were ever wondering. In particular, as a result of a new section relating to the faulty breast implant scandal I had the profoundly dubious pleasure of searching for a suitably licencable image to go with the phrase ‘breast implant’.

I assure you from newly gained personal experience, Google Image search is not the way to go with this.


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