The PODcast: An interview giving the story so far

The benighted story of the Department of Education’s perennially unraveling Primary Online Database of 5+year olds has been bouncing along for over a year now. If you were to scroll through a year’s worth of this blog’s posts you’d have a pretty good picture of what happened when, but you might also expire with tedium.

It’d be a race to see which would happen first.

To spare you from competing against your own boredom threshold for your life, you can now listen to me explain the whole thing, end to end in 25 mins or less.

Rossa McMahon’s Adventures in Information podcast on FOI, data protection and uncovering stuff starts by asking me questions on POD and what was wrong with it.

Rossa is a knowledgable interviewer, and he helped me tell the tale by asking questions I forget need to be answered.

The link to the interview’s page, choc full of bonus links about everything we mention along the way is:

And the links to the Podcast feed (because you’re going to want to know what he comes up with next) are


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