POD complaint to go to the European Commission

There has been a pretty significant exchange of correspondence with the Data Protection Commissioner over the Primary Online Database since my last post.

The result is that I am copying all of the documentation to date and will be forwarding it to the European Commission as part of a complaint regarding Ireland’s failures to ensure that Article 8.3 of the Charter of Fundemental Rights and Article 28 of the Data Protection Directive are given force by the Irish State. I have notified the Attorney General’s legal agent, the Chief State Solicitor’s office, of this intention.

I attach a lightly redacted copy of the relevant recent letters from me and the Data Protection Commissioner’s agent.

(There was also a minor one of today where I point out that I had answered the questions raised regarding my daughter’s data in one of the emails of the 19th May acknowledged in the first paragraph of the DPC’s reply letter.)

This is a regrettable sequence.

1st Reply letter to DPC email of April 2016 copy_Redacted
2nd Letter re FOI docs sent to DPC PDF format _Redacted

Letter to Simon McGarr 01-06-2016_Redacted


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