From PIAB To InjuriesBoard to PIAB again

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board, or PIAB, was created by statute in 2003. It was set up as an institution to deal with injured people’s claims- back injuries, falling over on a banana skin in the supermarket, you name it. Only medical negligence was removed from its scope- those sorts of claims are particularly tricky and it wasn’t considered to be appropriate to roll them in with everything else.

For years, the PIAB called itself PIAB. The logo was as workmanlike as you could hope for. We are talking about the original does-what it says on the tin sort of approach. Let’s just write out the name, and that’s the logo.

PIAB logo

All change

Then, suddenly one day, it seems like it was gripped by a sudden and profound wish to be less acronymatic. PIAB was out, Out, OUT- and the fresh new branding of was in, In, IN. We were all-in on using the URL as the brand.

It even had one of those spectacular ‘dot and swirls’ celtic tiger era state logos. It even came with just the hint of an abstraction of an injured person, crocked and humpbacked. I mean, most back injury claims probably involve people with limbs or a face still, but you get the idea.

Injuries Board logo

And then, suddenly, a few months ago, it was all change. was out,Out, OUT and the venerable was back,Back, BACK!

New PIAB Logo

The new PIAB logo was all swirls, no dots. Who knows what mysterious forces lead a monopoly state body to expend so much consideration on their branding? After all, or PIAB, they’re the only place you can go if you want your injury claim assessment dealt with.

But as always, for the niche-interest community of state logo afficianados the one certain thing is that this will not be the last time we get to witness one of these evolutions.

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