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Tesco.com Sucks, as they say

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads for Tesco’s deliver-to-your-home online service. You just go onto their website, tell them what you want and then wait for them to bring you your shopping for the week. This service is particularly attractive when you’re home sick.

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Four Court Doors- Call for Objectors

As you can see in the post below I've finished drafting my objection to the alterations to the Four Courts front door. I won't rehash what I say below. But I did send around an email today, effectivly to most of my contacts (or those who are Irish, at least) alerting people to the proposal, and asking them to let me know if they would like to add their name to the objection.

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The Weak Empire

I think we can all agree that something has gone wrong recently. Something in the air isn't quite right. Locally, everything seems the same.

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The Fall of the Great Republic

Rome's wars had expanded its power immensely. By the 2nd Century BC, Roman colonial power stretched from the Iberian Atlantic coast to the North of Africa and present day Turkey. However, even as their influence spread, the Senators in Rome found much of their power and popularity leaching away.

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