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Print your own Newspaper

I've written before about Feedjournal, which takes RSS feeds and automatically generates a newspaper-like pdf from them. Well, it's now emerged from Beta testing. It even collects and prints the images accompanying the stories.

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The Future of Newspapers

(This article recaps and expands on my discussion on Newstalk's The Right Hook)Newspapers around the world are shrinking. In fact, with a few niche exceptions like the Economist, all print media are having troubles. The culprit, as usual, is the internet.

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Newsbox: Automatic layout software already in development

Jeff Jarvis gets Proto-Newsboxed Originally uploaded by Editor_Tupp Well, there was a great reaction to my Newsbox idea(s) on a personalised newspaper complete with context and location specific advertising. One of the issues raised in the comments was the feasibility of automatic layout for articles of varying length, along with their headlines etc.

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