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Right Hook Speaking Notes

For future reference, I'll stick my rough notes from last Monday's Right Hook up here. It is likely that almost nothing in it will be news to the readers of this blog, with the possible exception of the Google patent referred to below. Right Hook Notes 19th November 2007Over the weekend, there was a quiet revolution.

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Conor O’Neill: A very special ‘Someone’

Above and beyond the call of duty, Conor O'Neill of Loudervoice gave me a call today to explain how to force Twitter to quit its playacting and let me finish jumping through the hoops to get people's texted eaterie reviews from their phones to the new Eateries blog.

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Twitter Ideas so far

Working on a new idea, for the Right Hook. Have set up a twitter a/c called Eateries. People can text it recommendations of, well, eateries.

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