Conor O’Neill: A very special ‘Someone’

Above and beyond the call of duty, Conor O’Neill of Loudervoice gave me a call today to explain how to force Twitter to quit its playacting and let me finish jumping through the hoops to get people’s texted eaterie reviews from their phones to the new Eateries blog.
He even provided the ultimate solution to my Very Technical Question exactly as I asked for it- a page where you just typed in the info and the new feed fell out the bottom.

So, both because it was a good example on its own merits and because I owed him one, I was sure to mention his Corkprobs site on Newstalk today, as a good example of the kind of new thinking that might move twitter from novelty to useful. Alas, while in the middle of the sentence I forgot his surname. As referring to people by an unadorned first name is generally frowned upon in radio, unless you’re talking about Madonna, he became the faceless, and perhaps sinister, ‘someone’. I offer my apologies, and can only say in mitigation that 4 hours sleep, coupled with the disconcerting gaze of George Hook, does damage to a person’s power to retain information.

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  • Oh stop, I’m blushing. Both on 4 hrs sleep then! In my case, testing software until the middle of the night. Thanks for the plug.

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