How to make a slide show flash box in Bebo

VoteTube has a Bebo page.
The most frequently asked question on there is how to make a slide show, with music, and put it in the flash box.

Ok, there are three steps;

1. Make a slide show. Mostly, people use Powerpoint for this. When you’re finished, you can go to the File Menu, Choose Save As, and then save it as a Movie. (.mov). UPDATE: That’s if you’re using Powerpoint for Apple Mac. If you’re using PowerPoint on a windows xp machine you have to save your slideshow as a normal .ppt file. Then import it into Windows MovieMaker, usually installed for free on Windows XP PCs. Part of the Movie programme will let you choose a track to lay over the pictures. Now save it as a movie file there.

2. Open an account with YouTube and follow their instructions to upload the video.

3. Now add a youtube video to your bebo page:

  • (a) Go to your profile (this is where all the changes your friends have made to their pages are listed)
    (b) Beside your photo, on the top left, you’ll see a link for Add:. One of the options will be video. Click it.
    (c) On the page this takes you to, at the bottom, there is an option to select a video from YouTube. All you need to do then is paste in the URL of the video you want.
  • Job Done.

    I’ll try to come back to this and add extra detail if people can’t follow it.


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