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Tiny Thoughts

When you're too slothful to flesh your thoughts out, why not just print the headlines? Irish Times prints photo of Saddam's Corpse- On Weekend Review front pageThey either are running with it or they're not. If they want to run it, its the main image of the week and should be on the Front Page. If they don't think that's suitable, they shouldn't run it at all.

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The Next Bebo

Gareth Stack, author of the wildly popular Why Do We Bebo? article which has skewed tuppenceworth's statistics ever since it was published (top 5 search results- bebo, BEBO, Bebo + ie and Bebo skins) has posted a follow up on his own blog Hummingbird Mentality called The Next Bebo.

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Explaining Bebo

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't know anything the young folk are up to. They could be planning a total overthrow of the over 30s, and the first I'd hear of it would be the rat-a-tat of ageist gunfire raking the doorway of Renards. Or, in my case, my local library.

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