The Next Bebo

Gareth Stack, author of the wildly popular Why Do We Bebo? article which has skewed tuppenceworth’s statistics ever since it was published (top 5 search results- bebo, BEBO, Bebo + ie and Bebo skins) has posted a follow up on his own blog Hummingbird Mentality called The Next Bebo.

If I were a mobile phone company, or a big technology company, I’d hire him for the Summer and hope to suck the goodness out of his brain.

One thing to point out, though. Gareth talks about the future frictions when children’s location info from their phones starts to be used as part of social network sites. He thinks that the big problem will be between parents and their children. Exactly this kind of service, with exactly the obvious problems, has already been announced for Ireland. Though, as Fergal pointed out DRI’s intervention seems to have given them pause for thought.

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