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When you’re too slothful to flesh your thoughts out, why not just print the headlines?

  • Irish Times prints photo of Saddam’s Corpse- On Weekend Review front page
    They either are running with it or they’re not. If they want to run it, its the main image of the week and should be on the Front Page. If they don’t think that’s suitable, they shouldn’t run it at all.
    I don’t think it should have been run at all. And certainly not as an illustration to two essays, rather than a news image.
  • Bebo Competition Launches- Will this be Ireland’s largest ever popularity contest?
    votetube.bebo.com hastily doubles its number of friends to 10 to be safe.
  • Ask a Lawyer asking you
    Trying to come up with subjects of interest to talk about on the McGarr Solicitors site. If you’ve any requests or preferences, let me know in the comments.
  • Brilliant metaphor languishes unused
    As part of the Leviathan gig, they asked us to prepare an opinion on Northern Ireland. As we, thankfully, never got around to the topic I’ll tell you what I came up with here.

    Northern Ireland’s politics is like Xeno’s paradox. We all know where it has to end up. But it never seems to reach it, as the gaps between where they are and where they have to be are sliced into infinitely smaller problems.

  • Fine Gael’s bright young thing bursts out on Morning Ireland-
    A Realplayer link, I’m afraid. I challenge you to get past 4 minutes without hitting the pause button to make the mortification stop.


  • Will says:

    Just to let you know, the link to McGarr Solicitors is broken…

  • Simon McGarr says:

    Fixed now. Thanks for that.

  • Celtictigger says:

    So… Fine Gael’s party rules are that they pick a leader to win and once they have a winning formula that has proven itself by… well… ehh.. WINNING.. they will jettison the winner and put unproven immature reactionaries in instead of someone who has proven they can lead the party through change…

    They have a mixture of all ages, and by the sounds of it a variety of proximities to a rational view of reality.

    Fine Gael – our young bloods reject mature leadership…

    Damien English has been hanging around the back of the bike sheds having sly fags with Deasy a bit too much by the sounds of it.

    My summary, reading between the lines:

    “Once we’re out of opposition and have to actually think for ourselves and not react we’ll hate it and we’ll want to get back there as soon as possible by splitting the party with a divisive and pointless leadership election, because that will make us young fellas look cool to the birds.”

    Can I have a HARRUMPH from the back row please.

  • The Bandit says:

    From the Leaders’ Pen

    Dear Deputy English


    Thanks for reminding me that we have a number of very skilled, competent and thoughtful deputies in the younger demographics. I’m sure that should we prevail in the next election I will be looking to that pool of fresh blood, young talent and emerging skill to compliment the older hands on the tiller of government.

    We’ll need to develop these young leaders, to nurture their skills and develop their profiles in the media so that when time comes for the older members of the party to fade to the back benches or beyond we will have a crack team ready to take up the reins of leadership.

    I’d like to commend you and Deputy Deasy for taking the initative in helping me identify the leaders of tomorrow and using your networking within the young bloods to help whittle down the short list so I’ll have more time to devote to leading and governing.

    There’s definitely two names less to consider when the time comes.



  • The Bandit says:

    From the pen of anudder leader

    Dear Damo

    Nice one on de radio dis mornin’. I nearly sneezed me coffee into me Irish Times Sudoku.

    Yiz are right of course. Yer boss is a bit long in the toot and even if by some fluke yez lot get in de door with a coallision, he’ll be hard pushed to handle it at his age.

    Jaysus, he’s a bit fitter den me wit de bikin around Kerry and dat stuff and I’m flittered with just one junior bug bear in de bed (if ye know what I mean).

    So I’d like te tank yerself and de “Puffer” Deasy. And if dere is a heave out on yourside, I’ll do me best to find ye a nice spot in a Government Party.

    Not mind dough. Ye strike me as a bit… eehhhh… YOUNG te be trusted.

    Is Mise Lemass (Oh don’t I just feckin’ wish)

    De Bert.

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