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Music of the Year (2)

Fergal listed his music of the year last week. As usual he takes in live shows, critical successes and wilful musical obscurities. He goes though the albums that struck a chord with him as well as those that left him cold.

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Poetry (Sheepishly) Returns

A combination of factors, most notably my own lassitude, caused the great poetry project to fall into abeyance in recent times. My reading continued during this fallow period, but was limited to work by poets I’d already written about here – the lesson being to only buy slim volumes, so that I don’t spend weeks on end waiting to finish a poet, before I can move on to write about a new one.

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Spending Some Time In Analysis

Bill O’Herlihy’s recent appearance before the Mahon Tribunal was a peculiarly Irish curtain-raiser for the World Cup, and one which showed that he, and not Jimmy Magee is the true Memory Man of Irish Sports Broadcasting.

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