A Boldface Name Invites Others to Blog With Her

A Boldface Name Invites Others to Blog With Her: “Mr. Lerer and Ms. Huffington will manage the Post, with Mr. Lerer overseeing a staff of half a dozen people in a loft in lower Manhattan. Ms. Huffington and Mr. Breitbart are based in Los Angeles.

Mr. Lerer said the Post, which will generate revenue by selling advertising space, was being financed initially by him, Ms. Huffington and 10 others he identified as ‘friends and family.’ The bloggers will not be paid.”

Though flattered that the Great and the Good intend to follow us in the model pioneered by tuppenceworth’s blog for days now, we would like to point out that this group blog of redfaced names is not overseen, has no staff of a dozen people, has never seen a loft in lower Manhattan (except for Fergal), so far doesn’t generate any revenue and is financed by a year’s worth of 5c bus change tickets. But we’re glad to see they stuck with the essential part- bloggers are not paid.

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