What’s Happening in Rossport?

New contributor A.L. Waller gives us a detailed roundup of where the parties stand in the Rossport five case. Shell, the five jailed men and the Minister for Communications Marine and Natural Resources are all dancing around each other in Mayo and the courts. At stake is an entire gas field and, some of the parties fear, local’s lives.

If you haven’t been following the story so far, this article (Energise!) is a good place to start. This one deals with the safety issues (Safety First?) and this one ( Les choses sont contre nous?) with the problems for Shell following their technical breach of the minister’s consents. Don’t worry, that last one isn’t all in French. The title means “Things are against us”.


  • Kevin Donleavy says:

    I’ve just tonight (19 September) read AL Waller’s piece about Shell and the Mayo situation. His analysis is very good: accurate and cynical, and a marvelous place to start. Now those of us who are sympathetic need to contact the support group and offer to help. Some heads must roll in the Irish government, because the Mayo situation reeks to high heaven. The corporate theft that Shell is involved in has its parallel in the theft that the government is perpetrating. Painting the post-boxes green means nothing if Ireland has not escaped the theft mentality which originally painted those post-boxes royal red, don’t we remember? Let us all support the small humans, not the giant organizations.

  • nora timlin says:


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