OPW Chasing

I really oughtn’t have to chase what has happened to the objection lodged back in June like this.

I’ll be sending this tomorrow.

Principal Officer
Property Maintenance Division
51 St. Stephen’s Green
Dublin 2

Re: Objection lodged to the proposed alterations to the portico of the Four Courts Your Ref: A473/66/6

Dear Sirs,

I write regarding the above.

It is now some months since I received a letter from your office dated the 24th June 2004 acknowledging the receipt of the objection raised to the proposed alterations to the Four Courts Portico submitted by myself and over twenty other people.

I have spoken with the EO in this section on a number of occasions since then. On the 29th August he told me he was going away for a week, and that he expected the decision to issue shortly after his return.

On 21st September a letter was delivered to my office from the Courts Service CEO, setting out new access arrangements to the Four Courts. Along with these new arrangements was a map, in elevation, showing the portico closed off in the manner envisioned by the changes to which my fellow objectors and I objected.

On 3rd October last, I phoned the section again seeking clarification of this matter and was told that the HEO in the section would contact me the next day. I left my details for the purpose.

I have yet to receive any contact. I note that your customer charter pledges your Office to making a substantive response to written submissions within twenty days at the latest and “If specific staff are not available to speak with you when you call, we will ensure that you are assisted in their absence.??? Neither pledge has been fulfilled in my dealings with the OPW on this matter.

If a decision has been made, please outline the reasons that decision has not been issued publicly. If no decision has been made, please outline what communications there have been between the OPW and the Courts Service regarding this matter which would lead the OPW to deliver a map such as I have described to legal practitioners.

Please outline the statutory powers under which this decision has been made or is intended to be made if it has not already occurred. Please outline the procedures for an appeal to that decision envisioned under these powers.

yours faithfully


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