Tuppenceworth.ie 01: The Opening of the Sixth Seal by Francis Denby

After a bit of a rethink and a rejiggle, I’ve come back with a rather more polished edition of the National Gallery of Ireland Guide podcast.

This week (yes, I’m still aiming for weekly) I talk about Francis Denby’s The Opening Of The Sixth Seal. It is a huge, gloomy picture of the apocalypse that used to entrance me as a child.

As with all things, I’ve made life difficult by changing the subscription feed. If you would like to get this and all future editions of the National Gallery of Ireland in MP3 format then tune your iTunes or other devices to


If you’d like to listen to just this edition, here’s the direct link:
Francis Denby’s The Opening Of The Sixth Seal (mp3, 1.9Mb)

I’ll also post, as an experiment, a slightly enhanced version in Apple’s iPod specific format. This has a small easter egg for the listener/viewer. For technical reasons, I’ll put that in a seperate post.


  • […] When I was a callow undergraduate, I was lucky to make one lecture per semester in some modules. But while I always did quite satisfactorily in the heel of the hunt, there was a great deal wider scope in English and Politics for bringing one’s personal views to bear on what material one had absored than there is in Law or any other subject in which one is presented with a great many details relating to statutory provisions, and the principles to be extracted from case law. But the law tells a story and it’s not as daunting as it seems at first to pick up on the narrative elements which give that story shape such as the names of the parties to important cases, the actions which gave rise to their litigation, the legal themes at work therein and the legal morals abstracted from it all by their lordships. I’ve been keeping up with blogs, if not real life, over the course of my exams. I particularly liked the elegiac quality of Fergal Crehan’s goodbye to the Mystery Train – a very sad day. Fergal’s prose was in fine fettle and verging on the lyrical. In other Tuppenceworth news, Simon McGarr continued his national gallery podcasts and made great strides altogether in modifying his musical intro and the speed of his delivery. I was chuckling away the whole time and certainly feel compelled to look again at Francis Denby’s Opening of the Sixth Seal. I found it expecially poignant as I only use Denby crockery in the domestic sphere. It’s only a pity a picture of the painting couldn’t have accompanied the post – though I presume care with copyright is the reason. I might even have included the name of the painting in the post title, to sex things up a bit. People love all that fire and brimstone stuff. […]

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