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Tuppenceworth.ie 02: The Farm at Lezaven, Finistere by Roderic O’Connor and The Wave by Nathaniel Hone

This week (ok, fortnight) the podcast takes in two paintings by Irish Artists influenced by the French Impressionists and working in the 1890s. Conveniently, The Farm at Lezaven, Finistere by Roderic O'Connor and The Wave by Nathaniel Hone hang right beside each other. They're both to be found in Room 19, Milltown Wing of the National Gallery of Ireland.

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National Gallery of Ireland Podcast (AAC)

This week I talk about Francis Denby’s The Opening Of The Sixth Seal. It is a huge, gloomy picture of the apocalypse that used to entrance me as a child. I discuss the sublime, Romanticism, the campaign for emacipation of slaves and quote the Bible all in less than 5 minutes.

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Podcast Prototype

An experiment for this nice sunny weekend. Tuppenceworth Podcast Prototype: El Greco at the National Gallery of IrelandThe address for the Art Podcast feed, which will automatically deliver you any subsequent episodes in this series is http://feeds. feedburner.

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