Breaking Her Silence

Sarah Byam has been a longstanding contributor to tuppenceworth, and one of its most prolific. However, as some may have noticed, she has been a bit quiet of late.

In her new essay, Breaking My Silence, she talks about the depression that floored her and the people who helped her stay alive.

It’s raw, powerful stuff, written in a deceptively straightforward style. If you haven’t read any of Sarah’s pieces before now, I can only advise you dive in anywhere in her column archive.

UPDATE: Sinead Gleeson from the Sigla blog links Sarah’s essay to the book Suicide: Ireland’s Story, by Emily Cox.


  • auds says:

    It’s an excellent piece. She’s a very lucky person to have so many concerned friends who know how to act in her best interests.

    I hadn’t read before (i just thought it was this blog – my bad) have bookmarked to go back.

  • Simon McGarr says:

    Hi there Auds.
    Wander far and wide through the archives. I can honestly say there is some excellent stuff there.
    Though, in your case only I stress, I might recommend avoiding some of Fluffy Dutton’s contributions. 🙂

  • auds says:

    You know that just means I’ll be starting with Fluffy when I sit down to get my tuppence’s worth!

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