Libel, MCD, Oxegen and

MCD, promoters of the Oxygen festival, recently took umbridge at people discussing their perceptions of shortcomings in some aspects of the most recent Oxygen event.

(see “How we feared for our lives at Oxegen . . . festival-goers relive their nightmare” from the Irish Independent of 22nd July 2006 for more details. That report includes the following statement by MCD spokesman Justin Green:

“We must warn you that in the event that an article critical of the event is published, we will take whatever action is necessary to prevent damage to the Oxegen event or MCD Productions.”


As it turns out, their solicitors, Arthur Cox and Co, sent letters to less financially formidable parties than the Independant Group- such as

In response pulled any discussion of any MCD promoted gig, show or venue. See John Breslin’s post on the matter for more links.

I think it would be worthwhile to link to the article on defamation by Fergal Crehan BL of this parish and to the Digital Rights Ireland pamphlet on libel.

Note the defences to a defamation claim include that what you are saying is proveably true. Or that what you are discussing is fair comment on a matter of public interest.


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