Blogging the Election talk now online

My talk on Defamation for online publishers is now available from the Tipperary Institute’s site.

Some speaker’s observations-

Bernie and Co have credited me with a professional qualification I haven’t fully achieved.

It is painful to hear your own verbal tics frozen for eternity.

The length of the podcast is a horrible 50 something minutes. I was a bit feeble voiced by the end of the question and answer session. They have kindly edited out my final stage comment- ‘I’m tired, can I go now?’

The talk was intended to be an overview, and an introduction, to the laws of defamation aimed at people without a background in law. For a better, more focused, guide the reader would gain more information in a shorter time by reading the Digital Rights Ireland Libel Pamphlet.

Similarly for an expert view of the Defamation Bill from the point of view of online publishers, see TJ McIntyre’s article from the Commercial Law Practitioner Defamation Reform: the Impact on Internet Publications.

My appearance seems to have sparked a comparison with Jimmy Carr. I shall be cutting my hair to avoid this in future.

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