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Weekend Herald

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Rather a dull affair again. (Wiki Raw Notes) Like eating potato waffle after potato waffle, reading the Herald is journalistically un-nutritious, without any of the racy deep-fried-mars-bar lunacy of a full blown tabloid.

But there were a few things worth noting for future reference. This was the Weekend Herald, which made me expect a higher proportion of fluff. But actually there was more journalism, with two individual pieces (on Stem cell research and an interview with mothers who’d lost children) standing out.

The Herald, in common with most of the other papers, has problems with seeing their readers as anything other than consumers. So their vision of our weekend doesn’t go beyond a visit to the pictures (passive consumption of images and meaning) and eating out (shovel food into yourself and go home).

I probably wouldn’t have noticed the mental and cultural desert this implies (after all, I like going to the cinema and eating too), except I’ve been sensitised by too much newspaper reading.

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  • copernicus says:

    No wonder the Independent stable were such Charlie McCreevy cheerleaders. Remember his prescription for a good life?

    It wasn’t exactly straight out of Plato.

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