Paper Round on Newstalk

I’ve been asked this Saturday to come on to Taste, Newstalk’s ‘what’s on this weekend’ programme to talk about the early editions of the Sunday Papers.

We’ll only have the front pages, and it might all be legitimate high quality journalism but if you’d like to hear some Paper Round style reader’s opinions tune in at 8.45pm, Saturday evening.

I think this is a regular slot for Irish bloggers, so if any of my readers have been on-air themselves, I’d love to know what to expect.

UPDATE: Well, I hope that sounded all right. I was glad that we got a chance to discuss the quality of the reporting we read, as well as just the proffered content. And they kindly even spelt tuppenceworth’s name out so people can find it.

And, as I had it to hand, and had already run the numbers, I’ve added a pie chart for tomorrow’s Sunday Tribune. Reasonably respectable numbers with an improvement in the amount of journalism since November (though not nessecarily in its quality, of course)


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