Paper Round- Call for Submissions

Tuppenceworth’s Paper Round has turned out to have something of an unexpectedly enduring appeal. So much so that the conspirators have met a few times to discuss whether to revisit the project.

As part of one of those explorations, I’d like to make a call for submissions from readers. We’re looking for any oddments you spotted in your newspapers.

As a little example, Copernicus spotted the following announcement in yesterday’s Irish Times (sourced, presumably, from this Press Release)

“Prof Finbarr McAuley of UCD and Jean Monnet, Prof of European Criminal Justice Law, are to chair a new committee”

Quite a coup for the Department of Justice.


  • fústar says:

    Apart from scanning the sport & “culture” sections I’m not a particularly voracious paper reader, but I’ll give it a go. The local Limerick press should yield enough comical material to fill several rounds.

  • Simon McGarr says:

    I hadn’t thought of the local press, but they ought to provide us with a rich seam of entertainment.

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