Reporting or Prosecuting?

Those of you who watched this Daily Show clip linked from my last post may have noticed Fox’s Geraldo Rivera (he of Al Capones’s Vault/Huge Mustache/Complete Dickhead fame) as good as accuse someone of Anna Nicole Smith’s murder, advising him to “lawyer up”. It’d be nice to think “oh don’t worry, it’s just Geraldo, and on Fox News to boot”. But also visible in TDS’s montage was one Nancy Grace of CNN (she was the woman asking a reporter whether there were needle marks on Smith’s body). This woman used to be a prosecuting attorney, and should know better but, as can be seen here and here, does not. I lack the words to express how apalled I am by her, but I can think of a crime reporters here in Ireland who differ from her only in style. Apparently, the TV show Boston Legal used to have a character called Gracie Jane, most of whose appearances consisted of her shouting “Guilty, guilty, guilty!” into the camera. Remind you of anyone?


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