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Astonishing Stories of Depravity

An excellent post here by Suzy Byrne, on last week’s coverage of an alleged paedophile ring. I wasn’t really paying much attention to the news for the past few days, so consequently took the story at more or less face value, insofar as I thought of it at all.

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Reporting or Prosecuting?

Those of you who watched this Daily Show clip linked from my last post may have noticed Fox's Geraldo Rivera (he of Al Capones's Vault/Huge Mustache/Complete Dickhead fame) as good as accuse someone of Anna Nicole Smith's murder, advising him to "lawyer up". It'd be nice to think "oh don't worry, it's just Geraldo, and on Fox News to boot".

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Not As Bad As The Americans?

Complain though we might about the poor quality of Irish journalism, we have the small consolation that things are not yet as bad as in the States, though one sometimes wonders just how much better we can honestly claim to be. In the U. S.

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