When the election won’t be called

Something we learned today; It won’t be called this Thursday (26th April). Nor will it be called on Thursday of next week (4th May).

Experts and watchers of this kind of things will be better placed than I to say when it might be called.


  • celtictigger says:

    Will Bertie’s grandchildren be voting in the next election? The pace of responsiveness from the DOE (should that be the DOH?) that might nearer the truth than we might like.

  • Damien says:

    I really wish I could make sense of these documents!

  • […] his election date this week. Thursday has been bandied about a bit and all. Well it seems that could be delayed for as long as a week if the case before the High Court taken by Catherine Murphy and Finian […]

  • Simon McGarr says:

    Why not ask and see if you get an answer to your questions?
    CT- Isn’t there a cool name vote bar? I know that’s why I was prevented from exercising my franchise a couple of years ago.

  • Celtictigger says:


    There is indeed a cool name vote bar. That’s why meself and Missus CT were escorted from the polling station in handcuffs during the yokel.. I mean LOCAL elections way back when. Had to go home and content myself with a big bowl of Frosties to calm down.

    However with names like Rocco and Jay I suspect that voting will be obligatory for them. They’re probably on the register already…


    And is it just me or does it seem that Jay is short for “Jaysus”, which might be what el Bert said when he heard they’d be twins.

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