John Waters and Fergal on Newstalk

For those who may have missed it, here is a link to the discussion on the merits of blogging from this morning. Newstalk Waters clip


  • Sinéad says:

    Well done Fergal, a well-argued and rational response. Unlike Water’s hysterics. PLEASE can we ignore him now?

  • fatmammycat says:

    Well done Fergal, you were succinct, clear and level headed. It was interesting to hear John slowly lose it in such a short piece. Auto erotic indeed. ‘Well over half anyway.’ Pfft.

  • Green Ink says:

    You made the basic point that Waters has missed Fergal, that the blogging is a publishing platform rather than, say, ebola.
    Agree with Sinead. Starve of oxygen and we’ll just carry on with our CB radios.
    BTW did I hear him mutter Green Ink at one point? Thanks John!

  • Very well done. Got your points across in a rational, reasonable manner.

  • Well done that man. I particularly liked it when you pointed out that people Waters were quoting in support of his position were, in fact, bloggers. You obviously had your lawyer head on this morning.

    I also suspect that JW may have ventured onto a few blogs given his early comments about the amount of stuff “said about you personally” – implying he’s at least seen the recent discussion. Maybe he has a small monkey called Bill who prints out the Internet for him to read?

    Courtesey of I found this link here which provides facts to evidence the percentage of the internet that belongs on the top shelf (or under a teenage boy’s mattress). 12%. Which my mathematics (tenous as it is as I’m a blogger and ergo stupid) is someway below “almost half of it”.

    Of course there may be other studies that differ on the detail, but at least its a step above the “convetional wisdom” or “the dogs on the streets know it” level of fact checking.

    I agree with Sinead. Can we please now leave the crazy uncle in the corner to mumble into his tea while we get on with things?

  • Here’s a link to the David Aaronovitch column to put Water’s comments in a bit of context…

  • I’ve listened to this a good few times now and I laugh more and more at each play. Even the way John says the word “blogging” is hilarious. It really was the cool calm sane man trying to plead sense with the guy on the soapbox.

    Whatever about Waters and blogging, I think radio and quality debates on radio should have your input more often. I was really impressed today. Nice one Fergal.

  • Fergal says:

    Thanks Damien. You know the very first thing I noticed when I heard his original comments was the weird, pompous way he says “blog”. It’s like he’s holding his nose while he says it, like a judge being forced to quote a swear word in court.

  • DENIS FLYNN says:


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