Gongs! Bubbly! Manky Toys!


It being poor form to expect him to blow his own trumpet, it falls to me to congratulate fellow tuppenceworthy Simon McGarr on his Special Recognition Award at last night’s Irish Blog Awards. The gong was a well-deserved recognition of his many efforts in and on behalf of the ‘sphere. His wife, I have no doubt, will be grateful of the champagne.

Congratulations must also go to Damien Mulley, the man who made the whole thing happen, and while I’m here, a heartfelt personal thanks to Fustar for his gift of a fully (in)authenticated Manky Toy.


  • fústar says:

    Well done again to SMcG.

    Put the certificate in the jacks and think of me when you’re enjoying a “movement”.

  • Well done to Simon for his well deserved reward. The surprised look on his bobble-head was the award I took away from the night.

    And I would advise Fergal to keep his manky toys away from me. Apparently I’ve now got form as a manky-toy killer.

    The manky blood lust is upon me now.

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