Obsessive Blogger: David Maybury’s Bookshop Project


Any review provides a useful public service in that it is a form of advice to the reader; eat here, don’t eat here; read this don’t read that. But if I gave an Obsessive Blogger Badge for every review that appeared on a blog, I’d run out in less than a fortnight.

In the case of David Maybury though, something bigger is afoot. He has set himself the task of reviewing every bookseller in Dublin (for starters) and mapping them on google. As a man who is often obsessive when it comes to books, I have a certain fellow-feeling for David and his project. Soon the readers of Dublin and beyond will have a valuable resourse, in the form of a guide to the whereabouts and quality of every bookshop in town. David has started by giving Read’s of Nassau St. the once over. Lest he run out steam for want of encouragement, he gets a Hobbyhorse and an Eyeball in honour of his labours.


  • Kevin says:

    Sounds good.

    But how about this, a side project of mine and a friend. Our aim is to have reviewed every chip shop, dingy or otherwise, on the face of the earth before we get sick smoked cod, chips and of the whole idea in general.

    Next week, Lido’s of Pearse Street.

  • copernicus says:

    The Lido is my local chipper and it has to be one of the best in town. Not a hint of greasiness from their fresh-cut chips.

    The thing to get there is the spicy breast of chicken.

    Library Thing has started a bookshop/library project involving googlemaps and stuff, but without the reviews.

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  • David says:

    The librarything list is much more comprehensive – it might an idea to give the project wider scope and let everyone review the bookshops on library thing…

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