Labour Party offering €1000 for Lisbon Treaty video

Cash Money!

I received an email today from  Joe Costello  telling me about a  competition they’re running to  promote the  Lisbon Treaty. In exchange for a well crafted one minute video, they’re offering a prize of €1000, spendable in shops, into your hot little hands.

Here are some details on this VoteTube-tastic competition.

I would like to remind members that we are  offering a €1,000 prize for the best one minute video promoting a Yes vote in the forthcoming referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Can you craft the message that will engage the Irish public in support of the Lisbon Reform Treaty? Can you put together 60 seconds of video that can inform, challenge or fascinate voters? The competition is open to all party members,  students in all second and third-level educational institutions.

Please submit your entry to [email protected] in .WMV, .AVI, .MOV and .MPG formats (basically any format that is compatible for You Tube). The deadline for entries is May 19th.

This looks like a good chance to make yourself heard if you support the Lisbon Treaty. I haven’t decided which way I’m voting yet, so you’ve got at least one voter up for grabs

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