Have Uber delete their records of you using Data Protection law

Basically, post this letter, adding your own details or messages to it, of course.
In 40 days or less your records should be unavailable for any opposition research, employee God View or any other unhappy use.

You should also be able to email it to Uber Ireland, if you can find their email (which I couldn’t)


>>Your Name< < >>Your Address< < The Data Protection Officer Uber Ireland Technologies Limited T/a Uber 2 Pembroke House 28-32 Upper Pembroke Street Dublin 2 Re: Data Access Request from >>Your Name< < DOB: >>Your Date of Birth< < Dear Sirs, I confirm that I have deleted the Uber app from my phone and will not be using your service again. The email address under which my account was registered is ____________. Under section 2 of the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 it is no longer proportionate or necessary to store any personal data relating to me. Please confirm that my account, financial and contact details as well as all details of all journeys taken by me or using my account through your service -other than this letter, have been deleted. Per section 6 of the Data Protection Acts, I await confirmation That this data has been destroyed in not less than 40 days from the data of this letter. Yours faithfully, _______________ >>Your Name<<


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