Dept of Education abandon March deadline for POD, confirm both new Circular and revised data use statement needed first

The text of the latest statement from the Department of Education to Primary Schools:

Dear Principal,

Thank you for your continued participation and engagement in the POD project.

As you know both schools and the Department have received a number of comments and queries on certain aspects of the operation of POD. The Department has considered all the submissions received and is committed to taking this feedback on board, in consultation with relevant stakeholders. As a result, an updated Fair Processing Notice and a POD circular, along with supplementary information and guidance for schools and parents will issue in early April. The deadline for schools to populate POD with their pupil and class data is hereby extended until Friday the 30th April 2015.

The POD helpdesk is available Monday to Friday 8:30am-5pm on 01 8892311. If you have any queries or comments please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] Please note that schools can refer parents/guardians to the helpdesk if they wish to do so.

Kind regards,


Statistics Section, Department of Education and Skills.

used under cc licence photo by garlandcannon

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