Digital Rights Ireland

Digital Rights Ireland: The Podcast

In fact it is the podcast of Tom Raftery, who is this week interviewing the chairman of Digital Rights Ireland, UCD law lecturer TJ McIntyre. He asks him questions about a number of the areas in DRI's remit, but focuses particularly on defamation and liability for speech published online.

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Watching the Watchers

If you're interested in the idea that people shouldn't be watching where you go during your day. If you don't think that the state has any good reason to track who you call or email or, possibly, which websites you look at.

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Parliamentary Questions and Answers

And if you were wondering why I was looking for a Parliamentary Question, see TJ McIntyre on the Digital Rights Ireland website for more details. He's very interested in what the Minister for Justice has to say on the use of new Data Retention laws. He might even be more interested in what he doesn't say.

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Irish Digital Rights, and their feeble defenders

The sharp-eyed reader, a class tuppenceworth aspires to cater for, will have noted that I broke with tradition recently and actually contributed to a discussion going on amongst Irish bloggers about forming a group to promote digital civil rights in Ireland. There it is now. Now, since then, happenings have happened and occurrences have occurred.

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