Four Courts Doors

Four Court Doors- Call for Objectors

As you can see in the post below I've finished drafting my objection to the alterations to the Four Courts front door. I won't rehash what I say below. But I did send around an email today, effectivly to most of my contacts (or those who are Irish, at least) alerting people to the proposal, and asking them to let me know if they would like to add their name to the objection.

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Objecting to Planning Permission Applications

I've just sat down to start drafting the objection to the plan to close off the front door of Gandon's Four Courts with railings. (Which I've written about previously here, here and here) It is very hard to know where to start. If anyone has a model objection (one which was successful, for preference.

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Four Court Doors- An Taisce

I have now heard from An Taisce, who intend to examine 'very closely' the application. According to the very forthcoming man I spoke to there, they would be objecting on very techincal grounds to the erecting of the railings I've written about below, blocking access to the front portico of the Four Courts building.

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