Keeping Those Doors Open

So now, further to the post below, I went yesterday to stand and read the posted notice carefully. Sure enough, it intends that there be changes to the portico and the introduction of 'new gates and railings'. For further details, it invited me to go to Dublin 7 or Dublin 2 (Collins' Barracks or 51 St Stephen's Green) to inspect the plans.

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The Door to Justice

Justice shall be administered in courts established by law by judges appointed in the manner provided by this Constitution, and, save in such special and limited cases as may be prescribed by law, shall be administered in publicArticle 34, Section 1, Bunreacht Na hEireann (Constitution of Ireland) At the moment the Courts are on holiday.

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Tuppenceworth Towers

An insight into the hidden world of tuppenceworth's headquarters. So far we have ripped up the horrific swirly green carpet inherited from our predecessor publication "Ireland's Own- Interiors". The banisters have been transformed by the stinky magic of gloss paint to a bitter chocolate (80% coco, from the look of it) from the previous nicotine cream/grime colour.

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Latte Drinkers and Racial Demagogues

Interesting piece here in the always excellent New York Review about class in American politics. Sarah Byam had a good piece here on Tuppenceworth a few years ago about how the right deny that class exists whenever there's any debate about economic priorities. To do otherwise would give the lie to the official line that there's no such thing as class.

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