Four Court Doors- Call for Objectors

As you can see in the post below I've finished drafting my objection to the alterations to the Four Courts front door. I won't rehash what I say below. But I did send around an email today, effectivly to most of my contacts (or those who are Irish, at least) alerting people to the proposal, and asking them to let me know if they would like to add their name to the objection.

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Data Retention? Look over there! Shiny Paper on a Stick!

Why is it that I don't get a coherent view of what's happening from my papers and telly? I want to see dots joined up- stories in one part of a paper make reference to related stories in another part. And I want to see a clear presentation of cause and effect- if you let x happen then Y will occur.

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The Digested Breakfast DJ

Missed your favourite morning DJ show? Worried that the Pop Gossip (ah, Simon Young, where are you now?) and the all-important 'On This Day' knowledge that your workplace status is built around will now pass to some other attentive listener?Fear not, for here at Tuppenceworth, we're always on the look out for ways to save you time and worry.

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Objecting to Planning Permission Applications

I've just sat down to start drafting the objection to the plan to close off the front door of Gandon's Four Courts with railings. (Which I've written about previously here, here and here) It is very hard to know where to start. If anyone has a model objection (one which was successful, for preference.

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Everything Old is New Again

Conceptual Art is tottering now. I wrote about this topic obliquely in my review of the Douglas Hyde Gallery's Exhibition of Rivane Neuenschwander's work, and explicitly for the now defunct magazine of the now defunct Artist's Association of Ireland in Petrified RevolutionariesI'll write more on this, probably a full essay, I think, when I've finished thinking it through.

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Fluffy Dutton's burlesque club night Rouge has had to postpone their next outing, due to venue wobbles. But in the meantime, she still has time to consider what it is that she, and her fellow troup members get out of making an exhibiton of themselves in 'E is for Exhibitionism'.

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“Shut up, Witness”

Whilst idly rambling around the undergrowth of the net this evening, I came across an old blog posting which details one of the most gripping exchanges between a barrister and a witness since Wilde and Carson. Oddly, I was never given a handout of this transcript by my advocacy lecturer. So for those of you who didn't read it back in the day, I give you the great Arnold Chrysler.

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