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Data Protection Commissioner’s Annual Report 2005: 4’s A Fortune

The Commissioner runs through in some detail the story of the first successful prosecution under the EU Regulations contained in Statutory Instrument 535/2003. Two key points:It is important to note that although I had evidence that the campaign involved the contacting of 165,000 subscribers, I can only prosecute in those cases where there is no consent from the recipient to receiving such calls.

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Data Protection Commissioner’s Annual Report 2005: Failures to introduce NDD

The NDD is the national database of telephone numbers in which a person may express their preference not to have their number used for any marketing purpose. In theory, this ought to kill cold-calls selling you phone services you didn't really want. Strangely, the telephone companies who were given the job of running this database seem not to have got it quite right.

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Data Protection Commissioner’s Annual Report 2005- A symptom of illness

As an excuse for this extended selection from the newly published Annual Report 2005 from the Data Protection Commissioner, I offer this threadbare explanation; For some years it was one of my duties to collate, collect and write the Annual Report for a State body. Since then, I think I can say I have been more closely attuned to the nuances of Annual Report writing than the average person.

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