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You The Winner!

Elsie, a tuppenceworth reader, was so pleased by the Paper Round that she has set up her own newspaper-reader blog An Exception to the Rule. She already has a great story from the Irish Independent. "Ms Davison was in her first year at UCD when she represented Ireland at the Miss World contest in China in 2003.

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Paper Round: The Indo’s Response?

Paper Round: The Indo's Response? Originally uploaded by Editor_Tupp. For all our education and enlightenment, I thought I'd highlight this slightly peculiar article which appeared in Thursday's Irish Independent. (brought to our attention by Travors.

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Irish Independent, 11th Nov 2006

Irish Independent, 11th Nov 2006 Originally uploaded by Editor_Tupp. (Tabloid Edition)One of the dullest papers to do the Raw notes for. However, some points to note do occur.

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