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Scenes from the Labour Party Conference

Going to a Labour party conference, as opposed to just hearing about one through the press or the web, is a strange experience. You arrive and find yourself in a bustle of bodies, huddled in quiet clusters or laughing and relaxed in the bar. There's a touch of a big country wedding, with the same mix of ages and people catching up who haven't met in person all year.

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Errors and Omissions

The following is taken from my notebook. It was written on the 3rd January this year, as I tried to make a list of problems to solve or salve. I haven't changed any of it in the light of hindsight.

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A Vote For Change

There will be an election within the year. People who claim knowledge of these things say it will most likely take place around next Easter. Lots of bloggers have been commenting on the political parties’ maneuverings as they try to position themselves.

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