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Community Trade Mark Law

In passing, I thought I'd share this piece of UK legislation with you. Trade Marks Act 1994Section 3 (1) (d) [the following shall not be registered].

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Seanad Phone Tap Bill Debate

I’ve discussed this previously here and here. The Seanad Debate on Thursday touched on some of the issues I mentioned regarding the Criminal Justice (Mutual Assistance) Bill. The core portion of the debate from a Digital Rights point of view comes after the 12 o’clock mark.

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Image Control

One of the unexpected offshoot discussions arising from the Blog Awards was the discomfort some of those attending felt at seeing their photographs and, to a lesser extent, discussions of them in general, appearing online afterwards. What that girl, Piaras Kelly and Damien Mulley's discussion boils down to is what degree of control a person can have over how they are depicted.

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