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New Blog: Nesbit’s Children

To my surprise, I've found I have lots and lots to say about Children's Television, after my recent post on The Changes. So much so that I've set up a new place for all the links, essays, YouTubes and quotes on the subject. So, if you're interested, hurry on over to Nesbit's Children for more of that kind of thing.

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Children’s TV: The Changes

The 1970s saw a gradual breakdown in the postwar social system in the UK. The economy contracted, inflation rose while incomes fell and unions took increasingly dramatic steps to demand more money for their members to compensate. Rubbish piling up in the streets, the dead unburied- these are the stuff of apocalyptic visions.

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News, still imprisoned, allowed visitors

Well, Eoin's call on RTE to let us use the footage of the leader's debates has been turned down. The reason given?"The view has been taken that it would not be prudent for RTÉ to waive its rights to the migration of the debates to other sites. "Use of the passive voice, (the functionary's friend), and a reference to purdence, but no real explanation of why it might be imprudent.

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