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Premium SMS providers

If you were setting up a premium SMS text service, what company would you use? Answers in the comments please, for the education and illumination of the author (who may be in the early stages of being up to something).

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Manky Toy Monday: Super Shot Ball

Say Aah! Originally uploaded by Editor_Tupp A few weeks ago, I decided to encourage Fustar in his life-affirming journey through China’s finest playthings, Manky Toy Monday. I bought a few likely lads myself intending to remind him of the joys of a Manky Toy. But before I could write my own gizmo guides, he sprang back into life with two new manky toy spectaculars- now with video! My own contribution remains second best, but I offer to you today the …

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Internet Radio, Radio on the Internet and Internet Radios

Some notes from my technology slot on the Right Hook. I like the radio, more than almost all television at this stage. I’ve hardly started to explore the wealth of shows that are available, but I’m already a fan of New York PBS station WNYC. I’ve been following their On the Media show for a few months by podcast, and look forward to exploring other programmes. Internet Radio Internet radio is the name given to the stations, mostly music, which …

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Cork debs: A hole in the reports

There seemed something a little odd about the reports of a Cork based organiser who didn’t pay over deposits collected from schoolchildren for hotel bookings. My antenna went up at the line in the Irish Times report which said that students had approached hotels directly, only to be told that arrangements should be made through the now-uncommunicative man. As I’m otherwise occupied, I was glad to see the question addressed, with an explanation of the effect of this kind of …

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Lolrus counters Pat Carey

Sky News had a 2 second clip of me countering Pat Carey’s suggested (and now seemingly shelved) mobile phone register. Alas, though I appeared reasonably coherent, I discovered that the effect of my television presence is now akin to watching the LOLRUS debating public policy.

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Debating The Cult of the Amateur Author Andrew Keen on Newstalk

The heading is a little misleading. I may be appearing with Andrew Keen on the Right Hook (currently being hosted by Damien Kiberd) at some point in the next few days. Nonetheless, if you have anything you wished you were able to say to Mr. Keen on reading his book, or any points you long to hear made leave a comment. Did you know Einstein was a professional patent clerk and an amateur physicist when he did his best work?

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8 Things

Copernicus of the Midnight Court recently tagged myself and Simon with the “8 things??? meme, whereby bloggers list eight things about themselves which might be considered interesting. I’m afraid to say that my life to date has been a fairly humdrum, but the more easily impressed amongst you may find one or two of the following factoids interesting: 1. I am honest, almost to a fault, and have never knowingly told an untruth. 2. I met guitarist Paul McCartney at …

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Running the Numbers

Indo Doing the sums Originally uploaded by Editor_Tupp Not the poll numbers, the other kind. During the election campaign (called just before the Mahon Tribunal had started looking into this, you’ll remember) the Taoiseach told us that he had a certain sum of money lodged to his account from wherever. Leaks, also from wherever, told us that the Tribunal thought that the euro conversion eerily equaled exactly $45,000 at that day’s exchange rate. Bertie told us it didn’t. And that …

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All is quiet here in Tuppenceworth, but I thought I might send out a couple of flares to let readers know we haven’t sunk completely. I have now received my Nokia N800. It is better than I thought it would be. It fact, it is almost magical. Nokia’s marketing and distribution departments ought to have their heads examined for hiding this gem away from the prying eyes of the buying public. It could certainly give Apple’s iPhone a run for …

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George Melly

Like many of my profession, I tend to almost subconsciously collect great courtroom moments. I was reminded of one such when reading an obituary of George Melly. Melly was a jazz musician, author and libertarian (although, given that libertarianism has since become little more than a wish by the well-off not to have to clean up after themselves, I think libertine is probably a better description). He was called as an expert witness when, in 1971, Oz magazine was prosecuted …

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