All is quiet here in Tuppenceworth, but I thought I might send out a couple of flares to let readers know we haven’t sunk completely.

  • I have now received my Nokia N800. It is better than I thought it would be. It fact, it is almost magical. Nokia’s marketing and distribution departments ought to have their heads examined for hiding this gem away from the prying eyes of the buying public. It could certainly give Apple’s iPhone a run for its money, if only they’d let the world know it existed.
  • Pat Rabbitte has said that the Labour Party ‘brand’ doesn’t sit with how people see themselves. He’s calling for a full review of the Party and what it stands for. It looks like, as with the Tories in the UK, it takes 3 election defeats to force a party to think that maybe its something about them that the voters don’t find appealing. Expect any debate that can be pushed into the sclerotic organisation to be reported as ‘Labour spits’. In part, it has been the fear of being seen to be fractious, along with Democratic Left’s untimely historical attachment to centralised control, which has prevented open discussion of the party’s failings up until now.
  • The winners of the VoteTube Competition have been announced. What I still have yet to finish writing to my satisfaction is the explanation for why we though these two were the best. More exciting VoteTube news in about early September.
  • I’ve been playing with Facebook. It is entertaining, particularly when updated by mobile. I’ve also played with tumblr, a site which lets you take various streams of info from around the internet and compile them automatically. As a sample, I made a McGarrish site. I only intended it to be a collector of info from elsewhere, but I found that I liked its very short post format for jotting ideas down that would otherwise be too undeveloped for even a Snippets post on Tuppenceworth.
  • E. McGarr has an entertaining post on the McGarr Solicitors website involving Gene Hackman, conveyancing law and the phrase “Duck of Death”. Perhaps it is this kind of thing which has the firm’s site currently the fifth result from Google for the word solicitors, ahead of A&L Goodbody, Fry’s, and Authur Cox. Though, this being Google, it is possible he’ll be 30 pages in after a week.

    • Pb says:

      Glad the N800 is working as good as it promised!

    • Congrats on the N800. Two people who shouldn’t be let touch it are d’youngfella and me. He’ll break it and I’ll just steal it on you.

      Congrats to E.McGarr and the team. All that without investing in Search Engine Optimisation or buying ads on google… proof positive that content is king.

    • Any chance that you’d share with us why you chose the Nokia rather than, say, a Blackberry or Palm ?

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