The Land of Lunatics

In his first foray into the world of writing for the new McGarr Solicitors site, my father has pointed out that, without noticing it, Ireland lost a lot of long-standing laws last year.

Amongst them the mysteriously titled Prerogativa Regis (Royal Prerogatives) ‘the Land of Lunatics’ and ‘the Land of Idiots’- which have been in force here since about the 11th Century.

Sadly neither the law, nor the his post, suggests where these Lands may have been located, though I am sure that we all have our own suspicions.


  • celtictigger says:

    It is sad to see the trappings of our heritage being cast aside without a comment. Yes, there were a lot of nonsense and irrelevant laws in the now defunct canon of legislation.. but there were also a few chuckle raisers and thought provokers and laws that provided a reference to the maturity of culture and thinking through the ages.

    Not quite on a par with some of the laws we have today… but the boys and girls over at DRI might have an opinion on that.

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