Averting Irish Blog Awards Disaster

We’ve all had those moments when we arrive at the front door and look at our companion for the keys, only to find them looking back at us.

It is this, I am sure, that metaphorically represents the reason the tuppenceworth.ie blog failed to shatter the hopes and dreams of all other nominated blogs in the Irish Blog Awards last year. Everyone presumed that we’d be nominated by everyone else, and decided to give a sympathy vote to a deserving sort.

These are noble sentiments, touched by kindness and grace. However this year, you must put a stop to such thoughts at once and go and nominate us in the category you think best suits our mixed up, crazy carry-on.

If you want to nominate us and other people as well (and in fairness, if you’re not reading at least one or two other blogs, I’d be amazed) go here.

If you just want to nominate in one category go here.
And, Columbo-like, just one more thing. Be sensible with your nominations. Try to spread the net as widely as you can. In particular, don’t nominate one person, even us, for everything. I left some of the fields blank, as I couldn’t think of anyone for them. So I’ll be interested in seeing who I’ve missed when the long list is published.


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